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Promotional Products

Looking for personalized items to promote your company with a memorable and affordable corporate gift? The Ultimate Golf Tool™ is a one-of-kind promotional item, sure to make your business name stand out with your customers! Whether you are planning to distribute our product as promotional giveaways at company or publicity events or as promotional corporate gifts, The Ultimate Golf Tool™ is guaranteed to be unique and enjoyed by your customers!

If you've been searching for affordable promotional items and cheap promotional items (and by 'cheap' we mean value-packed) that can be personalized with your company's logo, our product is the perfect solution! Our Ultimate Golf Tool™ can be used to assist golfers in nine different ways, making it the perfect customized gift for golf enthusiasts. Countless business deals and discussions take place on the golf links every day, so what better way to get your company's name noticed by potential clients or business partners than by inserting your logo on our promotional products and then using them as giveaways? The Ultimate Golf Tool™ makes a great corporate gift for your clients or employees, since it is an affordable product that can be branded with your corporate logo!

Our promotional items are great for your business because each time a golfer reaches for their branded Ultimate Golf Tool™, they will see your corporate logo. The Ultimate Golf Tool™ can be used to clean out cleats, repair divots, clean both the grooves and face of golf clubs, remove stuck tees, mark balls, open cans, and even act as a stand to keep cigars and golf club grips dry! After just one round of golfing with this fabulous tool, your client will never want to golf without it again and will very much appreciate the free promotional gift your company gave him.

We offer many different versions of The Ultimate Golf Tool™ and all are reasonably priced, so you can easily find a version to fit your budget. Each version has all the functions mentioned above, as well as an additional feature allowing it to either be clipped to a hat or belt or slipped into a pocket. Most importantly, all versions can be customized, clearly displaying your corporate logo.

If you want to find a promotional gift that will reach a large segment of your client base, The Ultimate Golf Tool™ is the way to go!

Golf by the Numbers:

It's no secret that golf is a popular national pastime. The typical golfer is affluent, highly-educated, and well-connected. Golf is a social game — most golfers play in leagues, as members of a club, or with their business associates and friends. Selecting The Ultimate Golf Tool™ as your personalized promotional item ensures that your company's logo will be seen not only by your client but also by their well-to-do friends, business associates, and acquaintances on the links.

When you need to find unique corporate gifts that will impress your clients and will be used time and again, you want to have a product that demonstrates quality and good taste. There are a ton of cheap promotional items available, but most are low-quality, useless trinkets that are often thrown away within a few days. The Ultimate Golf Tool™, however, is an affordable business gift idea that will prove its usefulness time and again! When your client's friends see how useful The Ultimate Golf Tool™ is they'll want to borrow it, guaranteeing that your company's logo will be seen by even more potential clients! Any company can put their logo on a pen that will eventually run out of ink or get lost; distributing a promotional gift like The Ultimate Golf Tool™ shows that your company took the time to look for a gift that its clients would find useful. Clients will know that if you took the time to pick such a thoughtful corporate gift, you'll provide excellent service for their other needs as well!