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Golf Tournament Giveaways

If your organization is planning to host or sponsor a golf tournament, you'll need to find affordable and useful golf gifts to provide as giveaways for your tournament participants. Promotional golf prizes and tournament gifts are a great way to display your company logo, and our Ultimate Golf Tool and Cricket provide this versatility.

The Ultimate Golf Tool™ and the Cricket ball marker and holder will meet your golf prize needs, when looking for golf giveaways that fit your golf tournament budget. While also providing a quality product with branding and advertizing space for your company's name and logo, our products are not only affordable, but you can be certain that they will be the hit of the tournament giveaways. The Ultimate Golf Tool™ is truly 9 great tools in one small, convenient package! Any golfer will find The Ultimate Golf Tool™ to be an absolutely invaluable addition to their golf game, whether they golf on a regular basis or casually join colleagues on the golf course a couple times a year. While our golf products might fall into the class of golf novelty items, they stand above the rest, in that they really are fresh, original & innovative products.

Golf tournament hosts and corporate golf sponsors know that giveaways are at the top of their list of golf tournament supplies. Golf tournaments are incredibly popular because so many people enjoy a relaxing day on the links, mingling with friends, colleagues, and business associates. However, with the popularity of the golf tournament comes the standard golf tournament gifts: balls, caps, pens...the boring same old stuff. Why not stand out from the crowd with give aways that are unique and attention-grabbing? The Ultimate Golf Tool™ comes in several different versions, all of which are perfect for golf tournament gifts and golf prizes.

Offering promotional giveaways at your golf tournament is an excellent way to get your company's name out to new clients and business contacts, and the Ultimate Golf Tool™ will only serve to enhance your company's image. Selecting a unique and high quality golf tournament gift that is a cut above the standard give away or giveaway shows that your company takes pride in the little details!

The Ultimate Golf Tool™ comes in either Metal or Engineered plastic to meet your needs. From the top of the line Platinum Pro tool to the Classic Tool, all of our tools perform all the same 9 great functions — which include cleaning cleats, marking balls, repair divots, and more — but each has its own unique features as well. For example the Magnetic Tool is available in three different offerings: first, as a stand alone golf ball divot repair tool that fits into your pocket or golf bag. Second, with an integrated belt clip (the BeltClip™) which conveniently attaches to a player's belt. And third, with a magnetic built in clip (the CapClip™) to attach the magnetic tool to a golfer's golf hat.

We also offer the Cricket - a ball marker and holder. What makes the Cricket ball marker and holder stand out among other clipped markers and golf novelties is that the ball marker is completely surrounded and protected from accidental disengagement, which allows the golfer to attach it not only to their golf hat, but also to their belt or to the outside of their pocket. So, rather than rooting around in their pockets to try to find a ball marker amidst loose change, golf tee time receipts, golf tees, and keys, golfers can easily find their marker on their cap, belt or clothing. Plus, having a golf promotional item that can be placed on your clients' outerwear significantly increases the visibility of your company logo.

With so many affordable options and colors to choose from, you can offer a different version of the Ultimate Golf Tool™ as giveaways at each of your next several tournaments - or why not order a variety of all three items and generate some buzz at the tournament as participants compare their giveaways!

Over the last several decades, golfing has grown to become a favorite American pastime. Since so many people enjoy playing golf and golf tournaments, it's only natural that corporately golf tournaments have been growing in frequency and popularity. For your next golf tournament or just as a great corporate giveaway, consider The Ultimate Golf Tool is a must have for your giveaways.