There's Genius in Simplicity


Whether you are looking for a ball marker, golf divot tool, or groove cleaner, we've got you covered. The Ultimate Golf Tool comes in many affordable versions, all of which are available in several colors and can be easily personalized with your company's logo.

Platinum Pro Golf Tool

Best Ergonomics
Best Leverage
Best Quality
Most Functinality
Best Value

Quantity Price
1-24 $11.95
25-49 $10.95
50+ Contact us

Platinum Pro Golf Tool with Beltclip

Quantity Price
1-24 $16.95
25-49 $15.95
50+ Contact us

Classic Golf Tool

Our lowest cost GOLF Tool
Slide action marker retention
Lightest GOLF tool in our line-up

Quantity Price
1-24 $5.95
25-49 $4.95
50+ Contact us

Magnetic Golf Tool

Mid-range price
Magnetic marker retention
Large detent area under marker for easy pivot & removal
Incredibly light weight

Quantity Price
1-24 $7.95
25-49 $6.95
50+ Contact us

Magnetic Golf Tool with BeltClip

Quantity Price
1-24 $12.95
25-49 $11.95
50+ Contact us

CapClip Golf Tool

Our Magnetic GOLF Tool with the addition of the CapClip
Patent pending Mate-N-Lock system prevents tool rotation while at the same time
Lets you clip it once then effortlessly remove the tool from the CapClip

Quantity Price
1-24 $10.95
25-49 $9.95
50+ Contact us

BeltClip only without Golf Tool

Exclusive floating tee system
Holds 3 tees or 2 tees and pencil
Holds all versions of The Ultimate Golf Tool
Unclutter your pocket & put all those necessities right at your finger tips.

Quantity Price
1-24 $7.95
25-49 $6.95
50+ Contact us

Cricket Golf Tool

Clip it to your Cap, Belt or Pocket, then FEEL IT....HEAR IT....Seat it perfectly eveytime.

Quantity Price
1-24 $6.95
25-49 $5.95
50+ Contact us

Shipping and handling for 1-24 is $2.49
Shipping and handling for 25-49 is $4.49
Kansas residents add 7.75 sales tax

The Platinum Pro Ultimate Golf Tool is our Flagship product. It's an incredibly tough metal tool with a long lasting high quality finish. It's sure to please even the most discerning golfer, with its best-in-class ergonomics, leverage, functionality, quality and value. This 9-in-1 tool has it all... "It's simply the Best".

The Classic Ultimate Golf Tool - our original product, the Classic Ultimate Golf Tool remains a well-loved favorite among our clients. The Classic Ultimate Golf Tool is made of durable plastic and is small and lightweight, so it easily fits in players' pants or jacket pocket. This product features 9 tools in 1:

If you're looking for a unique customized product, you can't go wrong with the Classic Ultimate Golf Tool. Many companies can offer one of these products, like a personalized golf ball marker, but only we offer you 9 productst in 1!

The Magnetic Ultimate Golf Tool offers all the same features as the Classic Ultimate Golf Tool in the same durable, lightweight design, but comes with a metal ball marker employing a strong magnetic connection to hold the marker in place.

The Capclip version employs the new, patent pending Mate-N-Lock™ magnetic system. This unique system allows players to clip the CapClip onto their cap, and then effortlessly remove the tool from the CapClip. Now there's no need for players to rummage through their pockets searching for golf divot tools or ball markers among keys, loose change, receipts, candy wrappers, and who knows what else. Players can easily find their ball marker in one convenient location...clipped right on their cap! The CapClip Ultimate Golf Tool can also be personalized with your company's logo, making it the ideal corporate gift or promotional giveaway. Once your clients' friends see this handy tool, they'll be dying to find out where they can get their own hat clip ball marker!

The BeltClip holds any of the Ultimate Golf Tools and has room to carry 3 golf tees or 2 golf tees and a golf pencil. Players keep the BeltClip tool on their belts while playing without having to worry about getting jabbed with the tool as our unique "Floating Tee" system prevents being poked in the stomach when you sit down or bend at the waist! Golfers will find this one-of-a-kind golf ball marker clip and divot tool invaluable on the course. The BeltClip with the one of Ultimate Golf Tools that can be customized with your company's name or logo.

The Cricket is a little plastic holder for your golf ball marker, which is helpful because it helps players keep their golf ball markers separate from the many other items they bring out on the golf course. It can also be customized with your company's logo, brand or mark.